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glamping in himalayas. 

Prices Jan 1st, 23 - Mar 31st, 23


₹4500 per night

+ GST 12%

With Breakfast

Occupancy 2 person


Featured as few secluded stays that are not only away from the touristy towns but also promise exclusivity, safety and the option to rent the space for longer duration.

Ranked 1 of all speciality accommodations in Pangot


Top mindful retreat in Uttarakhand Himalayas 


Perched atop the mountains of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is the ever-beautiful Moksham Campsite in Pangot, Nainital. Clad in dense deodar and oak forest, it boasts of quintessential experiences, spiritual uplift and the warmest hospitality.


Unique soulful experiences

Helping you connect with your true self 

Be it nature walks, a peaceful Spiritual session, a short hike to nearby walkable summit or a culinary blast, we've cherry picked the best of experiences at Moksham to help you connect with your inner being. We make sure you use your vacation the right way.

Our luxury campsite

Go beyond the ordinary vacations

Perched on the hilltop at an altitude of 2100 mt. amidst dense deodar, rhododendron & oak forest, Moksham is an amalgamation of breathtaking Himalayas, tons of experiences, pinch of spirituality and magnificent hospitality. The campsite and our team stand strong to the name Moksham (liberation). 

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Every moment  spent here is immersed in the experience of the Himalayas. Whether it is having tea, reading spiritual books or rambling through wilderness, the gleam of gratified Himalayan living impresses you to the very core.


Cafe Moksham

Cafe Moksham renders our inner yearning to offer you space that relects solace within. 

It is as Bohemian as it is Himalayan. With turquoise bringing white colour to life, the rest of the decor depicts our deep rooted Himalayan living, that is finding contentment with limited resources.

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