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Not recommended for Travelers with pre-ailments/ Pregnant Ladies

We do not recommend travelers to book the property if your fellow travelers are senior citizens with heart or knee issues. We also do not suggest pregnant ladies to book the property. We do not offer room service and the walk from rooms to the dining at time is challenging for such segment of travelers. You can always reach out to us before booking the property to clarify your doubts.

Water is Precious here

With ever changing climate conditions, Himalayas have been facing acute water shortage. Though we are prepared for this challenge, we urge all our clients to use water efficiently and in a friendly way.

Rooms Equipped with Electric Blankets

Our tents & the luxury pine flooring are subject to fire due to their inherent inflammable nature. Therefore we restrict the usage of heaters and smoking inside the tent.  Each room however is equipped with Electric blankets from Nov to Feb 

Late Night Music and Parties

Pangot is located inside Naina Devi Bird Conservation Reserve and has restrictions on playing loud music on speakers or mobile phones post 10 PM. Please speak softly after dinner hours


Bonfire is a paid activity and is not included in the package cost. As part of reserve forest, the wood is procured by the permission of forest department. Cost for Bonfire is 500 - 700 per camp ! Time duration is 2.5 hours

Meals served at the cafe

All Meals and snacks are served only at the Cafe. It is for the convenience of the staff and the clients. 

We are not Pet Friendly Property

Because of the nature of the property and close proximity to dense jungle it is not safe to bring pets 

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