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Mumbaikars, the Himalayas are not far. Top getaway ideas in Kumaon region, Uttarakhand

Updated: Jun 20

From Chand Rajas to Britishers, the Kumaon Himalayas always have engrossed rulers and ruled by its Vedic gods, intriguing mountains, mystique and its affecting humans. This very heart of Shivaliks beguile travellers today with its ostentatious hill station, monumental valleys, perpetual rivers, striking temples & spirituality, deeply engraved in every household.

For North India, experiencing Kumaon has always been convenient within 6-8 hours from the capital. For a decade & more, the capital & surrounding cities have manoeuvred through Kumaon & have experienced adventures far beyond explainable. With National highways on highlight growth and two new airports of Bareilly and Pantnagar, Kumaon has become even more approachable for down South & Mumbai. A list of Best places to see around Nainital

After all, a 8-10 hour journey from Mumbai to experience the pure Himalayas doesn’t hurt.

Here is a getaway list in Kumaon for Mumbaikars that can be reached within 8-10 hours very comfortably.

Gugukham, Pangot

A haven for birders, this little paradise has shot to fame very recently. With its idyllic, so Himalayan landscape, Gugukham offers bits for every traveller. The Dabka valley opens wide, offering brilliant Himalayan views like a rosy daydream. From birdwatching to Jungle walks, from treks to golden sunsets, Gugukham is nothing short of a gift hamper for vacationers.

Distant from Nainital : 16 km

Distance Bareilly Airport: 106 km

Direct Flight available from Mumbai to Bareilly

Best places to stay: Moksham Campsite, Rooftop cottages, Muscotia, Oaktrails


Ramgarh is synonymous with boutique living in the Himalayas. Once an old British cantonment and home to prominent Indian writers and poets, this Himalayan hamlet has carried forward the legacy of being classy. With its majestic Himalayan views of the GHR and large fruit orchards, Ramgarh leaves no stone unturned in offering breathtaking vacations.

Distance from Nainital: 36 km

Distance from Bareilly Airport : 145 km

Direct Flight available from Mumbai to Bareilly

Best places to stay: Seclude Ramgarh, Neemrana Ramgarh Bungalow, Cedar Lodge


Hartola is a rustic Himalayan village giving you a feels of the Irish countryside. An evening walk in Hartola is nothing but the idea of perfect slow living. With Apple and plum orchards dotting its windy lanes and a 180-degree view of the Great Himalayan Range, Hartola is a perfect retreat to beat the Mumbai Heat.

Distance from Nainital: 52 km

Distance from Bareilly Airport: 172 km

Direct Flight available from Mumbai to Bareilly

Best Places to stay : Hostie Ratanjali, Chirping Chiraiya


Lamgada sits right at the centre of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Its location makes it ideal for spending a long vacation here. With panoramic Himalayan views, and boutique stays along with numerous waterfalls, ancient temples & ashrams, Lamgada is a perfect blend of Adventure and spirituality in true essence.

Distance from Nainital: 64 km

Distance from Bareilly Airport :186 km

Direct Flight available from Mumbai to Bareilly

Places to Stay: Shivoham Himalayan Resort, Sukoon Home stay


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